About us

We’re from the country of chocolate, beer and waffles (Belgium you heathens!) and we’d like to welcome you to the site!

Our goal is to get freelancers and other professionals to maximize their earnings through better marketing, training and information. We do this by offering our own world-renowned laptop decals, courses, books and exceptional informative blogging.

The decals are exclusively sold by us and we personally handle all financial transactions, shipping and handling.

We’re still working on the books and courses section, as we need your help in creating it! We’re looking for honest reviews and recommendations so we can build a databaseĀ by freelancersĀ forĀ freelancers.

We won’t be selling them ourselves but we will be providing links to relevant marketplaces.

If you’d like to contribute to the site in any shape or form, be it guest blogging, product reviews, decal suggestions or general feedback, please get in touch (through the contact page)! We love to hear from our audience and guarantee you’ll get a personal response.

Enjoy your time on the website and we hope to hear from you soon!