How to put on the decals

When you receive your decal, you’ll find a handy tutorial that explains you how to put the decal on your laptop.

Some general advice:

Make sure to apply enough pressure when first pasting the adhesive side and straighten out the sheet as flat possible. Use a measuring ruler or a credit card to flatten it out perfectly.

Remove the paper slow and gently, so you can check and try again if any small bits didn’t stick the way they were supposed to. If a part isn’t coming of, just paste the sheet down, straighten it out with a ruler and try again.

In case they do stick, just move the sheet back a few cm’s/inches and try to push them out again. Check the video at the bottom to see how we do it ourselves.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The manual:


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1. Start off by swiping over the whole print with a wrapped up towel and put as much pressure on it as you can. This will allow the separate elements to come out easier afterwards.

2. Clean the laptop surface with any on hand degreaser (f.e. Mister Clean). Make sure to get it perfectly dry afterwards.

3. Put the decal on the laptop and perfectly align it with the edges.

6 IMG_0639 IMG_0641

4. Create a hinge by placing a piece of tape in the middle. When perfectly aligned, make sure it’s stuck on well and the decal can’t move.

5. Fold the hinge.

6. Gently remove the bottom sheet from the top one. When elements stick to the bottom, just paste the sheet back together (a few cm’s/inches) and try again.

IMG_0644 IMG_0646 IMG_0648
7. When you’ve separated both sheets, cut off the bottom one.

8-9. Paste down the top sheet slowly, starting from the middle. While pasting, put pressure to make sure it’s stuck on nice and snug.

IMG_0650  IMG_0653 IMG_0654
10-12. Remove the hinge and do the same for the right half. Apply pressure to the entire print one last time. Swipe every area and push down as hard as you can.

(disclaimer: don’t break your laptop!)

IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0660

13-15. When both sides are on, it’s time to remove the paper. Do this very slowly and in a 0° degree corner.
(Fold the paper completely parallel to the laptop).
If any bits stick to the sheet, move it back a few inches and try again.

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How to push out smaller elements: